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Showtime 2006-01-27--2006-01-28

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Sci-Fi, JPN. Godzilla is back, and this time he is facing stiff competition from an ancient creature called Oxygen Destroyer. While the mutants are fighting each other the humans unveils their new freeze-ray super weapon designed to kill the monsters. Director: Takao Okawara (103). With Takuro Tatsumi, Yoko Ishino, Yasufumi Hayashi.

Thriller, USA. Sarah is a police sketch artist who once was attacked by a sadist man called Gray. After ten years in prison Gray is now a free man with revenge in mind. Exploiting Sarah gift for sketching portraits of wanted criminals he intends to frame her husband for murder. Director: Peter Svatek (93). With Shannen Doherty, Peter Outerbridge, Stephen Young.

Action, France. As several characters prepare for their various missions on Bastille Day, an unapologetic Albanian mobster is being flown in to stand trial. Despite extensive security, his armed flunkies stage a violent diversion. Director: Florent Emilio Siri (105) With Samy Naceri, Benoit Magimel, Nadia Fares.

Thriller, USA. Terry Martin is a cop working under cover to get close to mob boss Simon Bacig. When invited to Bacigs birthday party he is accompanied by policewoman Susan acting as his wife. Susan is naive and ambitious and has her own plans on how to bring the mob boss to his knees. Director: Richard Gale (91). With Jennifer Esposito, Nick Moran, Stephen Lang.

Thriller, USA. Kyle Bodine is a detecitve who falls in love with Rachel Munro, the wife of an alcoholic aristocrat. One night Rachel, apparently in self-defense, kills her husband. Kyle helps her to cover it up, but his partner gets suspicious and begins an investigation. Director: John Bailey (99). With Ed Harris, Madeleine Stowe, Benicio Del Toro.

Horror, USA. When Allan Mann falls ill and loses control of his arms and legs, he gets a monkey to help him out. The Monkey have been genetically modified and soon he discover that the ape have strange powers, he makes his darkest, most inner wishes come true. Director: George Romero (113). With Jason Beghe, John Pankow, Stanley Tucci.

Adventure, USA. An oil company travels to a remote pacific island in search for new petroleum deposits in this remake of the classic horror film. On the way they pick up a shipwrecked woman not knowing she will be love bait for the giant ape. Director: John Guillermin (134). With Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin, Jessica Lange.

Action, USA. Dalton is an expert barroom bouncer who is hired to keep the peace att the Double Deuce, a rough bar in a small town in Missouri. Falling in love with the beautiful "Doc" Clay and determined to clean up the town Dalton becomes the target of local crime boss Wesley. Director: Rowdy Herrington (114). With Patrick Swayze, Ben Gazzara, Kelly Lynch.

Horror, USA. Ash returns to the cabin once again with girlfriend Linda and once again they unleash the horrors of the deamons, but this time the evil spirits do far more than possess Ash's friends: they possess parts of his own body. Director: Sam Raimi (85). With Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Dan Hicks.

Thriller, USA. Hugh Stanton travels to Rome with his daughter Lucy to investigate a sect that might have something to do with his wife's murder. The sect is preparing for the coming satan, and for that they need eighteen beautiful young girls and Lucy is one of them. Director: William Bindley (95). With Christopher McDonald, Rachael Leigh Cook, Stanley Tucci.

Action, CAN. Della Wilder is a cop who investigates the murder of a woman who was intimately involved with a physician named Sam Charney. Even though Charney seems to be the guilty one, he starts to look more innocent as he and Wilder uncover a plot by a large drug company. Director: Rodney Gibbons (92). With Pam Grier, Rutger Hauer, Romani Orzari.

Thriller, USA. Carol and Matt hires Anne to take care of their son Peter. But Anne is a very attractive young woman and since Carol and Matt has drifted apart she becomes involved with Matt. An affair that turns into a very dangerous situation when Carol finds out what's going on. Director: Walter Klenhard (90). With Josie Bissett, Jason Beghe, Barbara Tyson.




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