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Silver 2006-09-21--2006-09-22

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Comedy, USA. Harry has made his way through six psychiatrists and three marriages and has few friends whom he hasn't betrayed or alienated. He uses his experiences in his writing which angers his friends even more. One day he is invited to recieve an award at his old college but he has a hard time finding anyone who will go with him. Director: Woody Allen (96). With Woody Allen, Richard Benjamin, Kirstie Alley.

Drama, USA. This controversial film deals with the unhappiness and perversion behind everyday life. Obscene phone calls, pedophilia and a collapsing marriage turns out to be the ingredients in the lives of three sisters and their families. Happiness won the International Critics' prize at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. Director: Todd Solondz (134). With Jane Adams, Jon Lovitz, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Comedy, UK. A group of British youths try to escape their pointless lives by the use of drugs. Every Friday they head out to the club and spends the next 48 hours playing the game "Annihilate the weekend". Director: Justin Kerrigan (99). With John Simm, Lorraine Pilkington, Shaun Parkes.

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Crime, USA. Jack is a young man having an affair with a mobster's wife. When the mob comes after him he leaves the city with his friend Pilot. They decide to go to Seattle and on the road the pick up a prostitute called Cassie and a man heading for the Kurt Cobain memorial. Director: James Cox (97). With Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, Selma Blair.

Drama, UK. Rosie and Vincent are desperatly trying to have a baby, but with no success. Suddenly Benoit, a Frenchman and teenage penpal of Rosie's, turns up with romantic intentions. He settles in as a houseguest and this turns the world of Rosie and Vincent upside down. Director: Michael Winterbottom (93). With Christopher Eccleston, Dervla Kirwan, Yvan Attal.

Thriller, France. A series of murders are investigated by a psychic detective. Parallel to the chase the examination of the killers mind give the explanation to over thirty murders. Director: René Manzor (100). With Lambert Wilson, Sylvie Testud, Frédéric Diefenthal.

Drama, USA. Pendelton "Penny" Wise is a top telemarketer who can sell anything over the phone. Suddenly out of work he's recruited by Kelly Grant, a legendary telephone salesman. The job is to sell shares in a goldmine. Penny is doing good, but he's not sure that Grants business is really legal. Director: Gregory Mosher (98). With Vince Vaughn, Julia Ormond, Ed Harris.

Drama, FRA. Daniel is working at a nursery school in a small town demoralized by unemployment. Determined to bring life back to the community Daniel fights to give the children some education and hope for the future. Director: Bertrand Tavernier (117). With Philippe Torreton, Maria Pitarresi, Nadia Kaci.

Comedy, UK. A snapper (Irish slang for infant) causes a stir in the eccentric Curley family. Oldest daughter Sharon announces that she is pregnant but refuses to reveal the identity of the father. This eventually leads to a confrontation between her and her own father. Director: Stephen Frears (87). With Colm Meaney, Tina Kellegher, Ruth McCabe.

Drama, USA. Jim and Jack are two drifters who put the remains of a family inheritance into a high stakes poker game against two millionaires. When they lose they find themselves working off their debt constructing a stone monument. Director: Philip Haas (98). With James Spader, Mandy Patinkin, M. Emmet Walsh.

Drama, UK. Okwe, a doctor from Nigeria, and Senay, a Turkish chambermaid, work at the same hotel in London. The hotel is a place where dirty business like drug dealing and prostitution takes place. However, when Okwe finds a human heart in one of the toilets, he uncovers something far more sinister than just a common crime. Director: Stephen Frears (97). With Chiwetel Ejiofor, Audrey Tautou, Benedict Wong.

Drama, USA. Emmet Ray is a 1930s jazz guitarist considered to be one of the finest musicians ever. But off-stage he is a slacker, throwing his money away and having affairs with every woman that comes in his way. When he meets Hattie, a shy, mute woman who loves his music, he falls for her but his arrogance and inability to be faithful makes the relationship difficult. Director: Woody Allen (95). With Sean Penn, Samantha Morton, Uma Thurman.




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