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Showtime 2007-03-06--2007-03-07

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Horror, USA. A rash of shark attacks has terrorized the population of a african fishing town, decimating the fishermen's livelihood and killing of the tourist trade. Marine biologist Steven McKray discovers that the shark's physiology has been altered in an attemt to perfect a "cancer-curing" drug and that Miles has been testing his unproven drug on the locals. With Casper van Dien, Ernie Hudson, Jenny McShane.

Fantasy, USA. Powder is a teenager who's been living his entire life in his grandparents' basement. When they die he's placed in a school where a science teacher discover that he has an incredible IQ and also powers of perception and healing. Director: Victor Salva (111). With Mary Steenburgen, Lance Henriksen, Jeff Goldblum.

Action, USA. Danny and Bob are partners on the LAPD's gang crime division. Bob is a veteran who wants to spend more time with his family but a step-up in gang activity forces him to work even harder. Meanwhile, novice Danny earns himself a bad reputation on the street because of his brutal methods. Director: Dennis Hopper (120). With Sean Penn, Robert Duvall, Maria Conchita Alonso.

Action, USA. A handful of people in a small desert community is cut off from the outside world when gigantic prehistoric worm-like creatures attack from below. Director: Ron Underwood (96). With Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Reba McEntire.

Action, USA. Stanley White is a cop who sets out to clear Chinatown of the crime and drug cartels. No one in the force backs him up and when he faces crime boss Joey Tai people around him, especially his wife, starts to think that he has taken on more than he can handle. Director: Michael Cimino (134). With Mickey Rourke, John Lone, Ariane.

Action, USA. Singer Ellen Aim is kidnapped by a motorcycle gang and her ex-boyfriend Tom is coming to her rescue in this rock & roll fantasy. Director: Walter Hill (93). With Michael Paré, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis.

Thriller, USA. Jane Bonner has divorced her husband Robert and married her new love Patrick instead. But Robert won't stay away and keeps terrorizing Jane and Patrick. Finally they decide to move to California and start a new life only to discover that Robert has followed them. Director: Robert Michael Lewis (99). With Pierce Brosnan, Shanna Reed, Terry Quinn.

and nursed by a secluded artist called Megan. While there Jian-Wa comes in contact with the ghost of his dead brother Wago. Director: John Nicolella (90). With Russell Wong, Chi Moui Lo, Mark Valley.

Sci-Fi, USA. Sil is the result of a lab experiment, a half-human, half-alien created from DNA-codes from outer space. She has the ability to transform herself into a powerful alien creature and when she escape from the lab a team of specialists are sent after her. Director: Roger Donaldson (108). With Natasha Henstridge, Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen.

War, USA. Henderson is a cynical journalist going to Sarajevo during the Bosnian war to look for grisly stories. Once there he is shocked by the atrocities and even though his employers express little interest he becomes deeply involved in helping the kids in an orphanage to get out of Yugoslavia. Director: Michael Winterbottom (103). With Stephen Dillane, Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomei.

Action, NED. Sonja is a warrior-woman who unites with other warriors to overthrow the evil queen Gedren and avenge the death of Sonja's family. Director: Richard Fleischer (89). With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brigitte Nielsen, Ernie Reyes Jr..

Thriller, USA. This hallucinogenic film tells the story of Jeff, a young man who returns to his hometown only to be drawn into a dangerous drama which begins with a severed human ear and eventually leads to an attractive lounge singer called Dorothy who's son has been kidnapped by the sociopathic Booth. Director: David Lynch (120). With Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper.




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