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Showtime 2007-06-14--2007-06-15

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Crime, USA. A teenager meets his criminal father for the first time in years and gets impressed by his dad's high life style and creature comforts. But the fathers veneer of charm is fragile and it soon becomes clear that he is willing to kill anyone, even his family, if they get in his way. Direcotr: James Foley (111). With Sean Penn, Christopher Walken, Mary Stuart Masterson.

Action, SK. An evil spirit imprisoned thousands of years ago in a lake is now unleashed and possesses the wife of a general. The only way to kill the spirit is to kill the woman. Director: Kwang-hoon Lee (92). With Jun-ho Jeong, Hyo-jin Kim, Hye-ri Kim.

Western, USA. Lightning Jack Kane is the only surviving member of the notorious Younger Brother gang. When he robs a bank he gets away with some money and a mute man called Ben as a hostage. Unfortunately for Jack, Ben wants to be an outlaw so Jack is stuck with him. Director: Simon Wincer (98). With Paul Hogan, Cuba Gooding Jr., Beverly D'Angelo.

Thriller, USA. A sailor framed for murder teams up with Phillip and Missy Mills, a weird couple that drags him into a series of dangerous affairs. When he falls in love with Missy things gets even more dangerous. Director: Jim McBride (104). With Rosanna Arquette, Kevin Anderson, John Lithgow.

Crime, USA. Jack is a young man having an affair with a mobster's wife. When the mob comes after him he leaves the city with his friend Pilot. They decide to go to Seattle and on the road the pick up a prostitute called Cassie and a man heading for the Kurt Cobain memorial. Director: James Cox (97). With Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, Selma Blair.

Drama, USA. Huey and Bobby are two black men who decides to form a new political party to protect black people from racist cops. They educate the community, serves free lunch to kids and battles the police. But FBI is suspicious and decides to infiltrate the party. Director: Mario Van Peebles (124). With Kadeem Hardison, Bokeem Woodbine, Angela Bassett.

Action, USA. Picking up where the first film left off, Jian-Wa travels to the South where he discovers that a group of Vietnamese fishermen are harassed by racists. He decides to give the fishermen a helping hand. Director: John Nicolella (90). With Russell Wong, Chi Moui Lo, Vivian Wu.

Action, USA. A handful of people in a small desert community is cut off from the outside world when gigantic prehistoric worm-like creatures attack from below. Director: Ron Underwood (96). With Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Reba McEntire.

Horror, USA. The angel Gabriel is fed up with God giving all of his attention to the humans. With the help of a recently deceased and evil army general he plans to kill all the good angels. But one of the good angel's tries to stop him by hiding the general's soul in the body of a young girl. Director: Gregory Widen (98). With Christopher Walken, Virginia Madsen, Viggo Mortensen.

Thriller, USA. Gina is a small town cop who goes under cover to infiltrate the life of a male stalker suspected of killing several small boys. But the mission turns out to be emotionally draining, especially when Gina "enters" the psyche of the suspect. Director: David Anspaugh (90). With Helen Hunt, Steven Weber, Jeff Fahey.

Horror, UK. A small puzzle box turns out to be the gate to hell in this classic horror film. A man called Frank solves the puzzle and is instantly killed. Years later, Franks brother and his family accidentally resurrects Frank when they move into his abandoned house. Director: Clive Barker (94). With Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, Doug Bradley.

Horror, USA. Cujo is a St. Bernard who catches rabies after being bitten on the nose by a bat. Slowly his condition deteriorates until Donna Trenton and her son Tad finds themselves trapped inside their car with the sick dog waiting outside. Director: Lewis Teague (91). With Dee Wallace-Stone, Danny Pintauro, Daniel Hugh Kelly.




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