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Showtime 2007-07-22--2007-07-23

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Sci-Fi, USA. In 1943 an american battleship is undergoing an experiment that renders the ship invisible. But something goes wrong. Most of the crew dies and two of them disappears. In 1984 the two men emerge in the Nevada Desert, having somehow traveled through time. Director: Stewart Raffill (102). With Michael Paré, Nancy Allen, Eric Christmas.

Action, AUS. Hando is the leader of gang of brutal racist skinheads who are convinced they are on a mission to save Australia for the Australians. When their favourite bar is purchased by Vietnamese immigrants they organize a big attack, not knowing that the Asians will fight back. Director: Geoffrey Wright (92). With Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock, Jacqueline McKenzie.

Action, USA. An innocent law student gets accused of murdering the son of a mob chief. Soon he is chased by the mob and the corrupt local police. Director: Geoff Burrowes (91). With Patrick Dempsey, Kelly Preston, Alan C. Peterson.

Action, USA. John T. Booker is a Vietnam vet who finds out that several of his army buddies was killed in a mission that was intended to fail. He quits his job as a teacher and tracks down the surviving members of his unit. Director: Ted Post (95). With Chuck Norris, Anne Archer, James Franciscus.

Thriller, USA. The Bonnard sisters are residing in a big mansion left to them by their parents. They make a living by renting out rooms, but when Matt Rutledge comes to stay, he accidentally unravels secrets of the Bonnard's that were best left hidden. Director: Bill Condon (91). With Eric Stoltz, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judith Ivey.

Action, USA. Made in 1981, this film makes 1997 a futuristic setting where Manhattan is a heavily guarded prison. When Air Force One crash-lands in Manhattan and the President is taken hostage, the strong-armed mercenary Snake Plissken is sent there to rescue him. Director: John Carpenter (99). With Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Donald Pleasence.

Mystery, USA. Alien invaders descend upon a peaceful desert community and take over the minds and bodies of the residents. Director: Roger Duchowny (89). With Brian Kerwin, Elizabeth Pena, Lauren Tewes.

Crime, USA. A variety of people and their different problems are overlapping in this melodrama. Among them there are two gangsters sent to kill a man and two cops going after them, a TV director contemplating suicide and a pretentious English art dealer. Director: John Herzfeld (104). With Danny Aiello, Greg Cutwell, Graeme.

Horror, USA. In the third part of Romero's zombie trilogy the dead has taken over the world. The handful of surviving humans have taken refuge in an underground missile silo and is working on a way to reverse the process that turned the dead into zombies. Director: George A. Romero (102). With Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Joseph Pilato.

Action, USA. Vietnam veteran Colonel Braddock discovers that his wife, believed to be dead, is not only alive, but has a son. He returns to Vietnam to rescue them from a prison camp. Director: Aaron Norris (101). With Chuck Norris, Aki Aelong, Roland Harrah III.

Sci-Fi, USA. The crew on an underwater missile platform is attacked by a monstruous killer creature of unknown descent who lives on the ocean floor. Director: Sean S. Cunningham (105). With Taurean Blaque, Nancy Everhard, Nia Peeples.

Thriller, USA. Risa is framed for the murder of her husband and is sentenced to prison for life, but she manages to escape and begins to look for the real killer and the person that set her up. Director: Timothy Bond (93). With Joanna Pacula, Jack Scalia, Joan Collins.




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