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Showtime 2007-07-24--2007-07-25

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Action, HK. A nameless hitwoman who is literally cold-blooded, she has a lower than average body temperature, goes to South Korea to kill a gangland boss. She decides it will be her last job but the dead man's boodyguard comes after her for revenge. Director: Patrick Leung (90). With Sang Woo Han, Ching Wan Lau, Shirley Wong.

Action, USA. Simon Templar is a classy, cunning master thief who is hired by a russian politican to steal a secret formula. Templar fallls in love with the beautiful scientist who has unlocked the secret and in the end he has to choose between his new love and a paycheck of millions. Director: Phillip Noyce (116). With Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue, Rade Serbedzija.

Thriller, USA. Private eye Harry Ross are broke and divorced and lives with his friends Jack and Catherine Ames. Attracted to Catherine he soon stumbles over an unsolved case regarding the disapperance of her first husband. Director: Robert Benton (94). With Paul Newman, Susan Sarandon, Reese Witherspoon.

Thriller, AUS. John is an insurance investigator who's drifting towards the wrong side of the law. Together with at novice con man and a female lawyer he hatches a scheme to rob his firm. But since the three don't trust each other they eventually start to fall apart. Director: Alan White (93). With Bryan Brown, Tom Long, Claudia Karvan.

Thriller, CAN. When anthrax kills the cattle in a small Alberta community the ranchers blame the local agricultural center. The police tries to keep the peace, but suddenly one of the ranchers die and a reporter disappears along with several vials of anthrax. Director: Rick Stevenson (90). With Cameron Daddo, Ed Begley Jr, Joanna Cassidy.

Thriller, AUS. Jim Doyle has developed a sophisticated computer program that can anticipate the ups and downs of the world's money markets. A major bank is very interested in the program but when Jim is drawn into the bank's business he discover the ruthlessness behind the organisation. Director: Robert Connolly (106). With David Wenham, Anthony LaPaglia, Sibylla Budd.

Drama, Fra. During World War II, Albert Dehousse finds out that his father never was the war hero his mother always told him he was and she is a collaborator with the German invadors. He then decides to become someone important, which turns out to be easy for him as he is a compulsive liar. "Best Screenplay" in Cannes 1996. Director: Jaques Audiard (107). With Mathieu Kassovitz, Anouk Grinberg, Sandrine Kiberlain.

Sci-fi, USA. Event Horizon is a space ship with an ability to create black holes that allows the ship to travel tremendous distances in a few seconds. The ship disappears in the midst of a mission but reappears seven years later sending out a distress signal. Director: Paul. W.S. Anderson (96). With Lawrence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Joely Richardson.

Drama, New Zealand. His family have left Jake and he's now living alone in his house. One of his sons gets killed and he decides to revenge his death and save his remaining son. Director: Ian Mune (103). With Temuera Morrison, Rena Owen, Clint Eruera.

Action, SWE. Based on a true story, this film recreates the incident in 1981 when a Soviet submarine ran aground on the coast of Sweden. A laser search device carried by the sub vanishes and a CIA agent is assigned to track it down. Director: Tom Clegg (95). With Dennis Hopper, Gösta Ekman, Hardy Krüger.

Action, SK. Set in 17th century Korea this film centers around an elite band of imperial guards. Choi and Yun are two of them, but when Choi disappears as it is revealed that he is responsible for several murders Yun goes after him. Director: Kim Ui-seok (102). With Choi Min-su, Jo Jae-hyeon, Kim Bo-kyeong.

Thriller, USA. Sean Casey is a lawyer appointed to prosecute the case of a drug dealer accused of shooting a number of police officers. Sean wins the case but soon he starts to suspect that the whole thing is a police cover-up. Director: Sidney Lumet (114). With Andy Garcia, James Gandolfini, Lena Olin.




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