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Silver 2006-09-12--2006-09-13

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Drama, USA. Jim and Jack are two drifters who put the remains of a family inheritance into a high stakes poker game against two millionaires. When they lose they find themselves working off their debt constructing a stone monument. Director: Philip Haas (98). With James Spader, Mandy Patinkin, M. Emmet Walsh.

Drama, USA. John and his friend Moe spends a lot of time at Intercon-X, a pornographic website. John eventually shares a sexual act online with Jordan, another Intercon-X regular, but when Jordan and Moe engage in an actual affair the characters are forced to deal with each other in the real world. Director: Jed Weintrob (97). With Josh Hamilton, Harold Perrineau, Isabel Gilles.

Thriller, USA. Alan is a college student who gets involved with the mafia when his parents home is destroyed by a tornado. They need $100.000 to rebuild their home and Alan uses the connections one of his girlfriends have in the mafia to raise the money. In return, he's going to see to it that some basketball games that the mafia is betting on ends in their favour. Director: James Toback (99). With Adrian Grenier, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joey Lauren Adams.

Drama, UK. Career girls opens with a train journey towards London's Kings Cross where Annie recalls moving into a grotty student flat with Hannah in the mid-eighties. They both now have moderately successful careers and are, at least on the surface, self assured in their new lives. During the course of a weekend they rediscover their close friendship and encounter many faces from the past. Director: Mike Leigh (87). With Katrin Cartlidge, Lynda Steadman, Andy Serkis.

Drama, CHN. Niu Bao is a painter hired to decorate the mansion of The Cai family. He falls in love with Chunzui, the 19-year old leader of the family. Chased away by a foreman who also loves Chunzui he eventually returns for a final showdown, a battle with live fireworks. Director: Ping He (115). With Jing Ning, Gang Wu, Xiaorui Zhao.

Drama, Turkey. Francesco and Marta are husband and wife running a small design company in Rome. When Francesco's long forgotten Aunt Anita dies in Istanbul, he travels there to look after the sale of the hamam (one of a few traditional Turkish baths left) he inherited. There he meets the family running the hamam, gets attracted to a member of it and the whole Turkish atmosphere and decides not to sell the hamam. Director: Ferzan Ozpetek (94). With Alessandro Gassman, Francesca d'Aloja, Halil Ergün.

Comedy, USA. Harry has made his way through six psychiatrists and three marriages and has few friends whom he hasn't betrayed or alienated. He uses his experiences in his writing which angers his friends even more. One day he is invited to recieve an award at his old college but he has a hard time finding anyone who will go with him. Director: Woody Allen (96). With Woody Allen, Richard Benjamin, Kirstie Alley.

Drama, USA. Sherry is a punk-influenced singer whose fame is growing but she is plagued by an emotionally devastating past and drowns her sorrow in drugs and alcohol. Director: Allison Anders (117). With Rosanna Arquette, Kim Dickens, Don Cheadle.

Drama, USA. Quincy and Monica grow up in the same neighborhood and eventually fall in love. They also love basketball and as they try to make their relationship work their careers takes different paths through high school and college basketball. Love & Basketball won the Independent Spirit Awards for Best First Screenplay 2001. Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood (124). With Glenndon Chatman, Jess Willard, Alfre Woodard.

Drama, USA. Charlie Kaufman is the screenwriter behind Being John Malkovich and is also the main character of this film. He is hired to write a script based on the book The Orchid Thief and as he struggles with the script we see the action of the book being played out. Adaptation won one Oscar and two Golden Globes 2003. Director: Spike Jonze (114). With Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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Drama, NED. Angela is a French art student living in Germany. One night she meets a Japanese club DJ who convinces her to come with him to Tokyo. Running out of money she agrees to work at a nightclub but when a customer i murdered in a mobwar she realizes she's entered a more dangerous world than she imagined. Director: Matthias X. Oberg (90). With Chloé Winkel, Jon Yang, Tuva Novotny.

Drama, USA. Lawrence Newman is an executive faced with anti-semitism both at work and in his neighborhood. He is not an anti-semit himself but doesn't have the courage to stand up to those who are. Reluctant to join people in trying to run jews out of the neighborhood he soon draws unwanted and unpleasant attention to himself. Director: Neal Slavin (106). With William H. Macy, Laura Dern, Meat Loaf.




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