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Showtime 2007-04-24--2007-04-25

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Action, USA. A mad scientist have found a way to bring back the dead and is sending them on a crime spree. All that stands between mankind and destruction are detectives Roger Mortis and Doug Bigelow. Director: Mark Goldblatt (85). With Treat Williams, Joe Piscopo, Lindsay Frost.

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Crime, AUS. Three brothers serving time in prison are offered a deal. They get their freedom if they pull off a robbery at a Melbourne race track on the day of the nation's biggest horse race. Director: Scott Roberts (102). With Guy Pearce, Rachel Griffiths, Robert Taylor.

Adventure, FRA. Moltes is a criminal who gives some relationship advice to a prison guard in exchange for a lottery ticket. When it turns out that he has a winning ticket he breaks out of jail to claim his money. But the prison guard's girlfriend has the ticket, and she's in Africa. Director: Alain Berbérian (107). With Gérard Lanvin, Benoit Poelvoorde, José Garcia.

War, USA. Henderson is a cynical journalist going to Sarajevo during the Bosnian war to look for grisly stories. Once there he is shocked by the atrocities and even though his employers express little interest he becomes deeply involved in helping the kids in an orphanage to get out of Yugoslavia. Director: Michael Winterbottom (103). With Stephen Dillane, Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomei.

Drama, USA. Danny Flynn is a boxer released after a 14-year prison sentence for IRA activities. To get back in the ring he gets the community-center gym back in operation. He also sees his old girlfriend who is married to an imprisoned man. Director: Jim Sheridan (113). With Daniel Day-Lewis, Daragh Donnelly, Frank Coughlan.

Thriller, AUS. Jim Doyle has developed a sophisticated computer program that can anticipate the ups and downs of the world's money markets. A major bank is very interested in the program but when Jim is drawn into the bank's business he discover the ruthlessness behind the organisation. Director: Robert Connolly (106). With David Wenham, Anthony LaPaglia, Sibylla Budd.

Comedy, USA. Bern is a wheelchair-bound guy who thinks that disabled people should also be offered extreme sporting adventures. His first "victim" is Ole, a blind football player who is convinced to go on a whitewater rafting adventure. Director: Richard LaBrie (95). With Gregory Hines, Vincent D'Onofrio, Max Gail.

Thriller, CAN. Leonard Gray is the devoted superintendent of an apartment building. When a murder occurs in the building, Leonard is accused of the crime and he now has to find out who's trying to set him up. Director: Alberto Sciamma (98). With James Caan, Jennifer Tilly, Peter Keleghan.

Action, USA. In a nightmarish future, overcrowded cities are terrorized by criminals and policed by "Judges", law officers who act as judge, jury and executioner. Judge Dredd is one of them, targeted by a villain who wants to take over the city. Director: Danny Cannon (96). With Sylvester Stallone, Diane, Armand Assante.

Horror, USA. The small fishing community Antonio Bay is suddenly plagued by a strange, glowing fog. From the fog the ghosts of people killed 100 years ago appears to seek their revenge on the little community who sentenced them to death. Director: John Carpenter (89). With Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh.

Sci-Fi, USA. The earth is invaded by parasitic space aliens taking over the bodies of humans. Andrew Nivens is a US Security agent who tries to stop the invasion before the whole human race is under the control of the aliens. Based on Robert A. Heinlein's novel. Director: Stuart Orme (109). With Donald Sutherland, Eric Thal, Julie Warner.

Action, South Korea. In the year 2142, the world is close to collapsing due to pollution and natural disasters. In a last attempt to save mankind the city of Ecoban is built. The small population within the city are living good lives only threatened by everyone on the outside. Jay is a security officer who chases down an intruder, who proves to be her first love, Shua. Director: Moon-saeng Kim & Park Sunmin (86). With Marc Worden, Cathy Cavadini, David Naughton.




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