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Showtime 2007-07-23--2007-07-24

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Mystery, USA. Alien invaders descend upon a peaceful desert community and take over the minds and bodies of the residents. Director: Roger Duchowny (89). With Brian Kerwin, Elizabeth Pena, Lauren Tewes.

Action, USA. Made in 1981, this film makes 1997 a futuristic setting where Manhattan is a heavily guarded prison. When Air Force One crash-lands in Manhattan and the President is taken hostage, the strong-armed mercenary Snake Plissken is sent there to rescue him. Director: John Carpenter (99). With Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Donald Pleasence.

Crime, USA. A variety of people and their different problems are overlapping in this melodrama. Among them there are two gangsters sent to kill a man and two cops going after them, a TV director contemplating suicide and a pretentious English art dealer. Director: John Herzfeld (104). With Danny Aiello, Greg Cutwell, Graeme.

Sci-Fi, USA. The crew on an underwater missile platform is attacked by a monstruous killer creature of unknown descent who lives on the ocean floor. Director: Sean S. Cunningham (105). With Taurean Blaque, Nancy Everhard, Nia Peeples.

Action, HK. A nameless hitwoman who is literally cold-blooded, she has a lower than average body temperature, goes to South Korea to kill a gangland boss. She decides it will be her last job but the dead man's boodyguard comes after her for revenge. Director: Patrick Leung (90). With Sang Woo Han, Ching Wan Lau, Shirley Wong.

Thriller, USA. Risa is framed for the murder of her husband and is sentenced to prison for life, but she manages to escape and begins to look for the real killer and the person that set her up. Director: Timothy Bond (93). With Joanna Pacula, Jack Scalia, Joan Collins.

Action, USA. Simon Templar is a classy, cunning master thief who is hired by a russian politican to steal a secret formula. Templar fallls in love with the beautiful scientist who has unlocked the secret and in the end he has to choose between his new love and a paycheck of millions. Director: Phillip Noyce (116). With Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue, Rade Serbedzija.

Action, USA. Vietnam veteran Colonel Braddock discovers that his wife, believed to be dead, is not only alive, but has a son. He returns to Vietnam to rescue them from a prison camp. Director: Aaron Norris (101). With Chuck Norris, Aki Aelong, Roland Harrah III.

Thriller, USA. Private eye Harry Ross are broke and divorced and lives with his friends Jack and Catherine Ames. Attracted to Catherine he soon stumbles over an unsolved case regarding the disapperance of her first husband. Director: Robert Benton (94). With Paul Newman, Susan Sarandon, Reese Witherspoon.

Thriller, CAN. When anthrax kills the cattle in a small Alberta community the ranchers blame the local agricultural center. The police tries to keep the peace, but suddenly one of the ranchers die and a reporter disappears along with several vials of anthrax. Director: Rick Stevenson (90). With Cameron Daddo, Ed Begley Jr, Joanna Cassidy.

Sci-fi, USA. Event Horizon is a space ship with an ability to create black holes that allows the ship to travel tremendous distances in a few seconds. The ship disappears in the midst of a mission but reappears seven years later sending out a distress signal. Director: Paul. W.S. Anderson (96). With Lawrence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Joely Richardson.

Thriller, AUS. John is an insurance investigator who's drifting towards the wrong side of the law. Together with at novice con man and a female lawyer he hatches a scheme to rob his firm. But since the three don't trust each other they eventually start to fall apart. Director: Alan White (93). With Bryan Brown, Tom Long, Claudia Karvan.




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